Monday, January 26, 2009

Appeals, Forest, My Crummy Commute and Conception!

I notice this morning the papers (well Metro at least) is covering the BBC's decision not to screen a DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) appeal for Gaza due to concerns about being perceived as partial politically. (Sky have now followed suit and made the same decision.)

Interestingly - I suspect the appeal has garnered far more publicity by the BBC choosing not to screen it, than it would if they'd screened it. Which is good news, as regardless of your views on the Israel / Palestine conflict, there are people in Gaza who need help.

* * *

Earnshaw equalised for Forest in the 64th minute at Pride Park, to force a Forest/Derby replay in the FA Cup. (We're also now one point clear of Derby in the Championship - tho' they have a game in hand. It has been some years since we last sat above them in the league iirc. Of course if we do get through to the next round of the cup - we've drawn Man Utd - who despite facing injuries will be a formidable opponent. We'd have home advantage though - so maybe there would be a small chance! Tuesday night Forest play the fowls (Sheff Wednesday) in the league. Bah! Their owl logo doesn't even have a scythe - rubbish!

* * *

My commute has been ruined by the DLR opening of Woolwich Arsenal station on the South bank. Trains are so rammed leaving Woolwich Arsenal - that by the time they get to West Silvertown the trains are unboardable. This means we have to trek over the bridge to the Beckton line (adding 5-10 mins to the commute). This is further worsened by the excessive volumes of passengers having a knock on effect on the Jubilee Line at Canning Town (I wasn't able to board that either today or a couple of days last week) - so my commute is now seriously rubbish.

* * *

Conception (a roleplaying convention in Dorset, England) is this week. So I have Wednesday/Thursday/Friday off. Wicked! There are some very funny videos on YouTube that someone has knocked up - to mock the fact the convention is always so oversubscribed!


"Trouble Getting a Game at Conception?" - (3min 50s)

followed by

"Tries his hand at GMing after not getting a game at Conception" - (3min 18s)

followed by

"The FFFRG travel to Conception 09" - (2min 2s)

I must not drink half a box of wine whilst playing Living Force and start getting obsessed with Bitty! It's not healthy. Really not healthy at all!


Mak said...

I doubt I'm the only reader who interpreted the "Conception" part of this post's title as being a cause for delight and congratulations. ;-D

DeathOwl said...

Hah! If I'd produced offspring at an event that my better half didn't attend I suspect I'd be in serious trouble! ;-)