Friday, December 05, 2008

Why does no-one make the stuff I want to buy?

Had an annoying week - our kettle broke - so I bought a new Morphy Richards one from Argos (basically same features (and make) as the previous one - though somewhat pricier.)

The new one had a much cheaper/nastier plastic base than the last one. Which may account for why the whistle on boil function was broken out of the box - so I had to return it.

Is it really too much to ask to get a stainless steel 3kw cordless kettle which whistles on boil and doesn't have cheap plasticky bits.

Apparently it is - coz there is nothing out there. Only the Morphy Richards ones seem to offer whistle on boil (which is essential IMO - otherwise you end up forgetting and pointlessly reboiling water and wasting energy.) I did consider the tefal quick cup - but again it's horrible and plasticky and reviews say it doesn't boil the water so it's crap for making cups of tea.

So manufacturers - please can you make a decent kettle to my demanding specs - I'll happily pay!

On a similar note can someone hurry up and make an upscaling DVD recorder and twin tuner PVR in the same box. Well there are technical reasons why it's hard to get a twin tuner PVR to work with a dvd recorder[] but they ain't insurmountable - and some of us would happily pay for the privilege. I wouldn't buy a single tuner PVR - or a twin tuner one that only records one channel at once (some crap ones on the market do this apparently). While you're at it - make it a three tuner one!


Wreckferret said...

Isn't the Upscaling DVD + PVR called a PS3?

Or have Sony dragged their heels over releasing the PVR upgrade?
I remember Stephan talking about it coming out sometime in 2008....

DeathOwl said...

The PS3 doesn't have any DVB-T tuners in it does it? So not sure how you could use it as a twin tuner PVR?