Friday, July 04, 2008

WOW soloing update

Well M was out drinking with a colleague last night so I got a few hours of soloing in. I didn't really gain much in the way of xp, mostly spent the time running around buying hard to find vendor sold leatherworking/cooking recipes and taming specific animals to get my available pet skills lists up to speed.

It won't let me raise my cooking any further without doing a quest which I need to be level 35 for (my hunter is currently level 33 only).

To be honest soloing is dragging a bit now (which is probably a good thing as I no longer feel compelled to play much). I may try an instanced battle at some point soon - or a dungeon group if I can find one (since I've not tried either yet) - although I can't do those things and drop the game instantly - so it'll have to wait til M goes to Bucharest on business soon.