Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WOW - gone!

I cancelled my account this morning, before I ended up getting any more addicted to the damn game. I wish I had the strength to play these things in moderation - but I don't (my lack of any dmoz activity over the past few weeks will attest to this) - basically it's all or nothing with me - and I can't afford to spend (waste) that much time these days.


Mak said...

"it's all or nothing with me". Hah. Sounds familiar. ;-)
Sorry you had to quit WOW though - why can't we be better at self-moderation? Sigh.

Wreckferret said...

Ah well mate.

One less distraction!

...and something we can't take the mick out of you about anymore. =P

At least you managed to say 'Enough'!
Unlike other individuals we've known in the past!....