Monday, September 03, 2007

Imperial measures

Our right to use imperial measures as well as metric ones is drawing to a close it seems.
Apparently because of European Union directive 80/181 - at the end of 2009 it will become illegal to make any mention of imperial units.

How pathetic is that! We still drink pints, measure journey distance in miles, weigh ourselves in stones, and describe our height in feet and inches.. I have old recipe books with ingredients in ounces only. As far as I am concerned the EU has no right to force us to adhere to this bollocks, and our government needs to stand up for us and ensure we get a derogation.

If you think this is a crap as I do there is an e-petition here.


Wreckferret said...

It's going to be insanely expensive for the Govt to pay out to have every single Roadsign in the UK converted, not only from Miles to Kilometers, but won't they have to put in an interim step with both values on as the public for the most part will not be able to grasp converting over straight away?

I'm sure the UK will drop out of this particular directive if only for that reason.

DeathOwl said...

Think it is just product weights and measures - not roadsigns.