Friday, August 17, 2007

London Mayoral Elections

Well it's nice to see Boris standing. Although it does concern me that not everyone in London thinks it is as funny as I do, and the Boris strategy may very well increase the risk of "the not so red as he used to be" Ken being re-elected again.

I didn't actually bother to return my postal vote for the Newham mayoral election last year. Robin Wales got in. I hear on the grapevine (mainly from members of our local residents association) that he is a bit of a t**t, however I'll reserve judgement on that for now. Somehow the guy rustled up a knighthood just for being in local government - and they say the honours system rewards the truly worthy? Well actually they don't say that do they. I'm sure his knightly status puts him in good stead for managing the grievances of the warring chav families who seem everpresent in our ward at least. Hopefully he'll put some of them to sword, or at least convert them into serfs, and force them to work (hopefully at tending their overgrown gardens, and removing the broken cars stored therein).

Anyway enough of my class prejudices, back to the proper London election.
I realise that the mayor of London has considerable power to spend my council tax money, and that the appointment should not be taken too lightly. But lets be honest, he's a figurehead, he isn't going to implement completely ridiculous policies that waste our cash. Having a figurehead who isn't a fake socialist who believes his own propoganda has to be an improvement!

And frankly - if he does waste £200 of my council tax on practical jokes - I'll forgive him if they're funny enough!
If he reverts Ken's ridiculous plan to charge SUV drivers £25 a day in congestion charges even if they live in the zones, so much the better... If the government is serious about reducing CO2 emissions it should start by reinstating the fuel tax escalator (which would hit SUV drivers in proportion to their engine efficiency), adding fuel tax to air fuel to reduce flight demand (rather than building new runways) and closing the biggest coal fired power stations still open in the UK asap. (Drax on its own is responsible for the same amount of carbon emissions as 25% of the whole UK carbase!)

So to demonstrate my support I have ordered a Vote Boris mug!

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Wreckferret said...

I agree, tho I don't really have any reason to push my thoughts, not living in London and so having to be directly affected by whoever is mayor.
But getting Boris in would be extremely funny- regardless of what mad policies he comes up with.

Ken has been in for a long time now, and tho initially I thought he was good for the role (I know his decisions of the latter years change this opinion), isn't it about time for a change?
Just for the sake of a change!

But yeah, I think Boris would be an entertaining choice.