Monday, September 24, 2007

Amazon Mechanical Turk

I came across the Amazon "Mechanical Turk" today. A site where you can earn £££ by completing small tasks that computers can't do. (Well you can earn Amazon voucher credit if you live outside the US)

I have to confess the price point is a bit stingy! I tried a few out for a laugh - one image tagging thing where you had to mark pavements and cycle lanes on 25 images for 4cents! (2 pence) and another where you submitted a slang term for 1 cent.....
I tried finding UPC product codes for some products as part of another "HIT" (human intelligence task) as they call the tasks - but failed miserably and gave up.

I was somewhat concerned about some of the tasks - not just the price offered (which was a joke - 4cents for 10 minutes work is a piss poor rate of return!) - but also the nature of the tasks - some of them were clearly paying for "spider food" copywriting. i.e. Rejigging articles on random subjects to put on linkfarm sites which only exist to capture traffic from search engines and divert it through pay per click links. There is far too much of this pseudo content crap on the web already clogging up search engine results.

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