Thursday, March 09, 2006

Shows, diving and being old

I went to see the Producers yesterday at the Theatre Royal in London with Mandy. Very very funny. The nazi guy was totally hilarious and the acting excellent. I am no longer a West End Virgin (yes last night was the first time I ever went to a musical in London - or indeed any theatrical thing in London)

This week I turned 30. Not sure quite whether it bothers me or not yet! Still I got some great pressies including a new watch from M and some diving regulators from the group, and more cutlery from my parents to complete my set up to 8 of each thing.

And I'm going diving in the Red Sea tomorrow for a week, on a liveaboard basis with Bryce. The diving out there is meant to be awesome - I did invest in a book the other week (before finding out that Bryce had a better one) and the sealife looks incredible. I also get to try out my new regs, boots and of course - prescription dive mask - yes I might actually be able to see things Bryce points out to me in caves..! The boat is based out of Hurghada in Egypt. I just looked up the roaming charges and it is £1.80 a minute to call home... Mwaaaaa! But only a bargain 80p to receive calls (!) and 25p a text. I don't like texts though - too impersonal. I will miss Mandy immensely of course - but all the same it will be nice to get in some reading, relaxation and plenty of dive time! My paltry logbook only shows 19 dives atm - which is pretty low for someone with PADI Adv OWD - so it will be nice to rack up the numbers to something a bit more respectful.

Bryce's plan to get me to buy speedos to wear under my wetsuit has failed as they didn't have any in 34 in one shop and didn't even sell em in JD.. So I'm gonna be sticking with shorts. It was quite embarrassing walking into JD on Oxford Street and asking if they sold 'swimming trunks' - the guy looked at me like I was more than a little scary!


Wreckferret said...

Heh. "Slinky Kinkies" (as I've heard professional diving cameramen call them. I like the phrase so it's sorta stuck).
Wearing shorts under a wetsuit can be uncomfortable- especially over longer dives.
They have a habit of bunching.

Whereas the old lycra style trunks (doesn't have to be speedos) are much more comfortable to wear.
And the only time anyone sees you in them is briefly before you put your neoprene on, or peel it off at the end of the dive.

Still, amusing to see the reaction from sports shop personnel.

Ahh well.

Looking forward to it.
Should be a great week!

Kianne Kenderkin said...

Hey Dead Bird! Roadkill!

You guys need a good unliable person to watch you Java cakes whilst you're gone? I'll do it!

Have a good time and watch out for 'em jelly fish. I hear they really don't taste good on toast.

Love and best fishes from the nosey pest kender. :)