Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Protestors FOR Animal Testing

And about time too. For too long the silent majority have stood idly by groups of overzealous animal lovers wander around committing acts of violence and vandalism to support their cause. Finally some Oxford Uni students, fed up with protests by animal rights activists, have set up an organisation called Pro-Test to support the construction new animal testing lab.

Their first demo is apparently set to coincide with an animal rights demonstration - so it could get a bit touchy!

My second cousin's trout farm was damaged a few years ago when some animal rights idiots let loads of mink out of a fur farm nearby. The released mink (not native to the UK) ate half his fish stocks. Apparently animal rights activists are more interested in saving furry things than they are about preserving our native species. Or more likely they are just dumb wasters who have nothing better to do with their time because they are too lazy to get an actual job.. (Yes that is a gross generalisation - but probably completely true.)

Whilst I have plenty sympathy for groups protesting against cosmetic testing, I believe medical testing to be absolutely essential, and protesting against it is dumb. Although I am naturally in favour of allowing the nastier animal rights activists (like the ALF) to try out experimental medicines that haven't been tested on animals :-P


San de Berg said...

That's going to be a messy encounter!
I agree that animal testing, while regrettable, is scientifically important for people and that animal testing for cosmetics is pointless cruelty. But some of the people who disagree really don't have much of a sense of humour\reality.

Wreckferret said...

So is it ok to test on Owls?
But only if it is something to benefit Mankind overall (rather than just what colour eyeshadow will be this season's big thing?)... like.... ummm, what Owl Feathers are best for pillows, so poor afflicted Insomniacs can beat their condition and get a proper night's sleep, rather than being a danger to themselves (& potentially others) during the day.

I know there could be a load of scrungey protesters jumping up and down about the plucked naked Owls, but it is of course all in the best interest of Humanity.


DeathOwl said...

It just dawned on me that the reason I suffer from insomnia is because I am allergic to myself...

DeathOwl said...

Even more scarily - the organiser of Pro-Test has this post in his blog:


San de Berg said...

Hah! That's a shedload of scary-looking owls! Who knew, the whole pro-testing lark was actually an owl conspiracy.

It turns out owls don't hunt fluffy bunnies because they taste nice, but because they despise them! All cute bunnies must be destroyed, whether by beak, claw or animal testing!

Wreckferret said...



That turned out even more bizarre and funny than I anticipated.

Nice to see Pro-Test guy "Phears Da Owlz" tho.


alekkomar said...

We have PETA over here in America that also tends to get a bit overzealous - oh well.

San de Berg said...

PETA? As in the People for the Eating of Tasty Animals?


ibarhis said...

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DeathOwl said...

Hi Alison, Thanks for passing message on. I'd forgotten you had an LJ, Cheers, DO

Hi Kianne you pesky kender - whereabouts do you hang out on the web - do you post your ramblings on a blog someplace! Ick kids and marriage - scary... I'll just stick with the love bit for now - M seems happy enough with it ;-) DO

DeathOwl said...

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