Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One for Wreck

It seems that troubled clothing company Burberry has discovered a company making 'Burberry Check' clothing for ferrets, and isn't too pleased about it.

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Wreckferret said...

Yeah. Saw the original story.

But I did like the guys defence to Burburry. "Got the fabric from some bloke called Abdul at the market. Don't know his second name I'm afraid. But the material isn't actually Burburry. And we only advertise it as Burburry-style."

Heh- 'some bloke called Abdul... you should speak to him...'

Mind you. I wouldn't be caught DEAD wearing Burburry anyhow.
Unlike someone we know.....

Never wear 'tartan' or 'check'.(WF's Fashion Tips)
But even their non-trademark stuff that might be considered ok in colour & pattern is just overpriced coz you're paying for the name/brand.
And unfortunately, the name is now sinominous with Chav-culture.

I think not.

But yeah- big, up it's own a*se company throwing it's weight around over a small specialist business. A shame.