Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Well I've managed to catch what I fear (and NHSDirect believe) is tonsilitis as a result of my tonsil getting infected from the virus I had last week. So I now have another (worse) sore throat and earache - although I don't have runny nose anymore and my head is no longer 'thick' so I guess I should be grateful for small mercies.

Rather than finally register for a doctor down South though I have decided on the lazier plan of taking the anti-biotics my girlfriend bought over the counter in Cyprus. Bonus!

Fizzy Pop

Stupid vending machine at work gave me a bottle of Dr. Pepper when I pressed the Sprite button. Not massively chuffed about that.. Though I hadn't had Dr. Pepper for about 2 years so it was a bit of a change I guess!

Music & Fiction

Bought the Killers and Pendulum albums at the weekend in Leamington. Both very good.
Still reading 'Forest of Stars' (2nd book in Kevin J Anderson's Saga of Seven Suns) which I am enjoying. Though am still waiting on play.com to deliver the next 2 books - they seem to be being very slow on delivery. Either that or one of my neighbours has become a pikey!


Wreckferret said...

Wasn't too impressed by the Killers stuff I listed to on MP3 a couple of weeks ago.

The other Album I wanted to listen to was the Kaiser Chief's one- but didn't have space on the memory stick to transfer it over to my machine to listen to at the time.

Must do that when I get the op....

San de Berg said...

I liekd the Killers album, I still listen to it fairly frequently on my MP3 player. Don't know Pendulum, what are they like?

DeathOwl said...

Pendulum are drum and bass, but quite listenable rather than 'very hard'..