Monday, September 05, 2005

Quack quack quack

Having been now formally accepted as being 'tighter than a prison duck's arse' over the course of the weekend. I thought to myself - the Internet is a big pile of utter nonsense - I'm betting that some other nutters have posted about prison ducks before.

Unsurprisingly - I was right.

Here we have a post on the 'Prison Duck system' [] which quite frankly is somewhat disturbing.

THE PRISON DUCK SYSTEM The prison duck system is as follows: A duck shall be put
into the prison to roam the halls and the yard. It is the prisoner?s duty to
feed the duck and care for it. A roster will be drawn up by the duck as it sees
fit. If the prison duck system is abused by any prisoners they will lose their
prison duck privileges. Some other suggestions are to have special days
involving the duck, such as the duck?s birthday where prisoners would have to
wear suits. And the duck would carry around a tray of cigars. The duck should
have a name starting with G or, H as these are calming letters. But the
prisoners should be left to decide.

The rest appeared to be horrible spider food nonsense, no doubt designed by black hat search engine optimisers trying to hijack legitimate searchs. These scumbags are the bane of the Internet, they wreck search engine results by presenting irrelevant or affiliate link farm crap in place of useful, on-topic sites, frankly I think Google, Yahoo etc are too lenient on them, they should just ban the entire lot of them from their listings - and good riddance.

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San de Berg said...

LOL! I should have thought to check Google...

Those spider pages are a bane though, I hate them!