Thursday, August 18, 2005

Now then now then now then...

Sorry had a Jimmy Saville moment there. Fortunately it ceased before I could light a cigar up.

Well a surprising thing happened this week. Yes that's right. My sister actually complemented me on tidying up the flat 2 days on the trot. She was quite astonished to say the least. I'd forgotten she could actually smile occasionally when she came in - rather than throwing a strop about washing up.

I've been doing some pre-reading before the coming Weymouth diving weekend on Advanced Open Water stuff. I particularly enjoyed the visualisation bit of Peak Performance Buoyancy. Filler material it may be - but it sounds like a mighty good excuse to use following the execution of a crap diving manoeuvre.. "DO why did you crash into the rock?" "Well I was visualising my streamlined image of me, and ummm.. the rock jumped out and got me. So there." I was less keen on the section about fitness. It mentioned all sorts of reasons why fitness is important, but didn't suggest any ways to get fit that I might actually be inclined to do.

Beef and Crafty came down last Saturday for a last minute, disorganised booze crawl around some of the more salubrious bits of London. We started off at Sloane Square and then wandered aimlessly down into Chelsea looking for bars. Henry J Beans do an excellent Mojito with bucketloads of rum, and Ad Lib had some nice looking women in it. We saw one of the new Rolls Royce Phantoms parked outside a hotel whilst looking for a cab back to Chiswick. Rather an impressive beast to say the least.


San de Berg said...

Two consecutive days of tidying? Are you really that bored? Or were you just procrastinating doing your revision for your dive course?

Is your sisters boyfriend still living in your place or has he finally found his own place? Or can we expect to find his body parts hidden behind wardrobes, hence causing your new cleaning spree?

Or is your cleaning spree related to a certain someone who you have conspicuously not mentioned in your blog yet? ;)

DeathOwl said...

Indeed I have taken a dilatory approach to diving revision. My sister's other half is still resident at this time, although is supposed to have started contributing to the bills. No sign of a cheque yet tho ;-P

As for whether my inspiration to clean has anything to do with Mandy coming round. Well actually it doesn't in this case - since she isn't coming round til next week as she's had a nasty cold this week, and I didn't want to risk catching it before going diving. Aren't I nice!