Thursday, August 11, 2005

I actually wrote that last rant before even noticing Wreck had posted about the same thing. People at work seem to find it hilarious that I have lived in so many so called 'crap towns'.

Well if it is actually my influence that is responsible - it will be Chiswick next year. That would really upset the locals wouldn't it? Muhahahaha

* * *

I actually managed to cook a vegetarian meal last night for Tim, who seemed quite satisfied with it. It was a "three bean chilli" recipe from an M&S One Pot recipes book and was actually quite tasty if I do say so myself. It certainly made a nice change from heating up Pizza Express 'American Hot' pizzas from the Sainsbury's Local down the road anyway.

Tim informed me that apparently that awe inspiring leader, Monsieur Presidente Bush is now spouting forth on why "intelligent design" should be taught alongside evolution as a theory in schools. Of course it should Bush - good plan, lets teach lots of untested pseudo-scientific, metaphysical theories to children that don't have a sound body of evidence to support them. There is a time and a place for religious indoctrination - and it isn't in the classroom. Choosing whether to believe in a god or gods, and if so which one(s) should be a personal matter. It's hardly fair on non-Christian belief systems to teach a pseudo-scientific theory to children as if it were true science, that basically supports a Christian view of creation/evolution.

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