Thursday, July 28, 2005

I ended up eating haddock and chips in Bridlington last weekend with my French friends who were over for a week visiting.
Rather than opting for my normal sausage, saveloy or pukka pie option, I felt strangely obligated to order fish (which I haven't liked since I was about 7) in order to prove to my friends that British fish and chips is good.
Is there a statistically significant link between patriotism and more adventurous eating? I very much doubt it. It's not like I don't retry stuff fairly often anyway (I tried some other seafood a couple of months back and disliked it as much as ever.) I guess white fish just doesn't taste that fishy - which is why (having eating the haddock) I have now decided I can actually eat it without grimacing.


Wreckferret said...

You'll probbly be tasting more of the batter and oil than the fish anyway.

Nice to see you've finally joined the ranks of us Sea Hunters.

Now will you give Crab a go?
or what about Cockles n Whelks?
So you can be a Cockney!

Even I draw the line at Jellied Eels. [yeaurgh!]

San de Berg said...

Rollmops is teh suxx0rs!