Thursday, June 16, 2005

Time for another proper post methinks. I haven't really fully got into this blogging lark probably because it requires a similar level of discipline to keeping a diary (something I never actually bothered to do - partially because my brother would almost certainly have read it had I written actual personal stuff in it, and partially because frankly I'm too lazy.)

I do find it interesting the variation in the blogging styles of most of my friends. Rik posts proper diary type stuff but sporadically, Steph tends to post polls and occasional narrative, I tend to use mine as a permanent set of bookmarks to sites / articles that amuse or interest me, Paul and Jamie seem to use theirs to take the piss out of each other, and anyone else who posts, and (recently) to write incoherent cheerleadery type nonsense about kickball matches and deface each others Xanga pages. (I confess I still don't fully understand Kickball as a concept - I thought it might be some wufty version of proper footie initially. The 'wufty' bit is backed up by the fact that the relevant wikipedia article refers to it as a 'playground game'. However from reading that article it actually seems to be more like cricket but using your foot instead of a bat. Is it just me or is there some hidden requirement that any game played in America that contains words like "foot" or "kick" in its name actually involves using one's hands quite a lot? I am tempted to invent a new game called something like handsball that only involves using one's feet. I'm sure it would catch on like wildfire.)

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jamie said...

yeah, um, you KICK the BALL. then you run the bases and get back to where you kicked it...