Thursday, July 28, 2005

The amount of commentary about the London terror incidents is huge isn't it. The latest masterpiece I've seen covering the subject is this. (I confess I laughed out loud at the lottery one.)

There is an internal thread on our work intranet where people are discussing buying those fold up bikes as an alternative to using the tube. Said thread also touches on the fact that cycling to work in London is far more dangerous than taking the tube (terror threat or no) . I'm not that paranoid - though nowadays I tend to take the bus to work so I suppose I have less to fear.

Having been on holiday for the 2nd set of incidents I hadn't really had a chance to experience the change in atmosphere on the tube until this morning. And umm well I can't say it felt much different. Presumably some people actually do peer about the tube carriages looking suspiciously at people with rucksacks and wondering whether they are terrorists. But I can't say I have ever looked at people much on the tube, I tend to focus singlemindedly on reading whatever material I have to hand (this morning this was the Economist), and barely notice the comings and goings of other passengers. I suppose the only thing I did notice different was the huge number of people reading the latest Harry Potter novel. But then that happened with the last one too. Personally I refuse to buy it on the grounds it isn't commuter friendly - I mean look at the size of the damned thing. (And also on the grounds that J K Rowling has more cash than me). The standard edition looks like it was designed for people with partial eyesight, the typeface is huge. It's about the same size as my one volume edition of the Lord of the Rings, but I doubt it has a third as much actual text.


San de Berg said...

I agree on the size of the new HP. It really was reminiscient of an easy-reading book. And story-wise it could easily have been trimmed down by about a third. But it was still entertaining.

Anyone want to borrow it?

Wreckferret said...

Don't you have to hire a Sherpa to carry it around for you?

Like Andy says- taking a hbk around with you on the Tube is a real pain. I don't.

Pbks for me. =D