Friday, December 24, 2004

It's a bit nesh in Arnold today. Just got back to the folks for Chrimbo. The usual 'go down the local, get smashed, talk bollocks to people from your school days that you only see once a year' is on the horizon. And of course being a tight fisted git, the beer is shedloads cheaper than in London - which is a bonus.

Took my sister's dog "Arfa" for a walk, it's a border collie and is more hyperactive than errr something very hyperactive. Bizarrely this morning, as according to my dad it's a first, Arfa started chasing squirrels. He didn't catch any mind you. Useless bugger.

Anyway enough of this bobbins, it's not like I had anything of note to write about. Just procrastinating a bit before meeting S Beef for some pre-booze boozes.


jamie said...

look, a real post =)
what would you do with the squirrels had he caught them?
pre-booze boozes. nice.

DeathOwl said...

Probably lost to them in a fight ;-)