Monday, June 09, 2008

Youf Scarers?

I suspect a scarecrow would have little effect on the local youths who like to congregate occasionally in our back yard. And trespass legislation is ineffective - telling them to clear off results in retributions (graffiti last time). So what is to be done?

Maybe we should get one of these Mosquito things! (Frankly I'm shocked these are legal - but tempted by the idea for the sheer comedy value of them running around with their fingers in their ears.)

With any luck it would also scare off the urban fox which regularly leaves stool samples for us as well.


Wreckferret said...

You'd have to see if the lease grants you permission to hang objects to the outside of the building or not.
(Fixing spotlights or aerials is sometimes against the Leasehold)

Also there is the issue of causing noise pollution to your neighbours.

For 'compound' use it looks fine, but for shared external use you might stray into problems.


Mak said...

You could try putting a John Denver or Barry Manilow CD on auto-repeat and direct the speakers outside. ;-)
Of course Shania Twain might work too, but she's harder to ignore, and you'll have to listen too. :-(