Thursday, May 22, 2008

Running is icky

I've just done a circuit of the dock in my first "jog" to try and build up fitness for the 3.5 mile run I'm doing on 9 July. From looking at google maps - the dock circuit is only about 1700m - yet it took me other 15 minutes. (Which considering 4 miles an hour is a fast walk doesn't seem very impressive. I'm surprised it was so slow since I ran the first half flat out.) My recovery time is appalling so I definitely have a looong way to go. I need to be able to run pretty much three times that distance for the actual race.. If I can force my self to do 1 circuit at least 3 x each week, upping to 2 circuits in June - hopefully I'll be okay!


Bernardo Torres said...

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DeathOwl said...

Eh! I'm andysands not vbman at dmoz!!!

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DeathOwl said...

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