Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Farewell Ken... muhahahahahaha

Now lets hope Boris actually manages to achieve something!
He could start by implementing a limit of 2 consecutive terms for the Mayor of London role. (Which really ought to have been in place from the start.) The longer they stay there - the more interested in power for power's sake people become. Look at Mugabe and to a lesser extent - Musharraf.

The BBC have done a reasonable summary of Boris' policy objectives for the position.

The buses thing is a bit silly, but sorting out the congestion charge plan is important. The charge is meant to reduce congestion - this means it should target all motor vehicles - not just polluting ones. By all means have a sliding scale - but a toyota prius driver still creates congestion and should still pay something. Also a truly fair sliding scale would scale from say £5 for a zero emissions vehicle (e.g. a milk float) on a proper linear scale. Just work out a formula which uses a Rolls Royce phantom's very high emissions as £25 and zero as £5 - and then calculate it evenly between the two.. This means each model would have a different cost - based on a simple calculation - and the scheme would be completely fair. (The same principles should really apply to road tax at a national level too.)

The residents discount should apply to all vehicles. You can't charge someone £25 to drive up their own street - that is outrageous.

I'm very glad Boris opposes airport expansion - lets hope that includes increases in flights to and from city airport.. Planes are filthy - so regulate demand with fuel taxes and it will fall to fit within current capacity.

Sorting out YOUF crime - well good luck on that. Short of sterilising them and their pikey parents I fear inner city council estates are long term screwed by the complete lack of any work ethic in altogether too high proportion of their denizens.
Maybe the android teachers from Class of 1999 should be investigated as a solution :p

Housing - before the government spends any money building new council housing stocks it needs to revoke the stupid right to buy laws which are responsible for the massive shortages of such housing. This needs sorting out by central government and Boris can't really sort it. The only right to buy should be at full current market price -and all revenues so gained should be put straight back into the "new council housing" construction pot.

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Quote: Android teachers of Class of 1999

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