Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Boris wins, Forest promoted, Bristol Stag do - What a weekend!

Well that was definitely an excellent extended bank holiday weekend - and the first time in a quite some time that I've got hugely drunk, gone clubbing and had a kebab on 2 consecutive nights.

Bryce has done a fairly comprehensive report on the stag weekend - so I won't repeat that here. And I will get around to uploading some photos later!
Other than to mention that Stephan did actually achieve something incredibly grim (despite not even being asked to do so) - by doing a s*** on a s***. This was made far worse by the fact that the primary deposit was a floater that wasn't even his. The only question remains is - did Stephan "like it"..

Also Vodka Kick blue is really not very nice - at all. And I'm slightly disappointed that we didn't do the "vase of urine" challenge in the restaurant!

The most scary part of the weekend is that my brain has now been polluted with the following rubbish:

1 3 3 2 3 6 B******* 8 Kevin is a Wuss 10 11 12 SpiderKev 14 15 16 *cough* SuperRobotMonkeyTeamHyperForceGo (aka HyperC***F*** babyfinger) 19 Done up like a kipper 21...


San de Berg said...

But you forgot 15: Forest Suck!


DeathOwl said...

That was 17. Two fingers beatch!

Wreckferret said...

And I notice that he still didn't comment on whether he 'liked it'.


Wreckferret said...

So when you going to upload the pics & the videos, ya lazy Owl!?!

DeathOwl said...

Photos now uploaded!