Monday, April 28, 2008

Rejigging One's Approach to Fitness

Having visited our gym once in the last 2 months we decided to can our membership today - it came in at just over £100 a month combined and £200 for one swimming pool session is not good value for money.

To ensure I don't become any more unfit I have a two pronged strategy.
- Wii Fit
- Running round the dock

We just got Wii Fit this weekend and it seems quite cool - it offers a decent selection of different exercise types sorted into yoga, strength build, aerobic and balance categories. Though I'm glad I've done Pilates classes a fair bit first - as I suspect doing some of the yoga / strength ones without knowing what your actually meant to be doing, could do more harm than good. The other advantage is we no longer need to track our weight on the written calendar - Wii Fit gives you a nice line graph showing just how your weight progressed over time!

The running plan is in order to prepare for a 3.5 mile run I've signed up for on the 9th July. Given my complete lack of any skill at running (even superfit as a kid I constantly came in the last few places) I suspect I will not be much of an asset to our team - but this will certainly be true if I don't train a bit. One of my colleagues who just completed the London marathon has said that his training regime will be to stuff himself with bacon sarnies every day and watch DVDs in order to get "down to our level". Great!

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San de Berg said...

Yeah I need to get myself fitter too and so I did a gym induction last night. Luckily my local gym has a pay-as-you-go option since I've spent a fortune over the years on not going to the gym.

The Wii Fit seems to be insanely popular, even Penny's interested.