Monday, November 12, 2007

Have chicken prices gone through the roof?

I noticed the price of chicken breasts in Tesco today - they seemed vastly higher than the last time I bought chicken breasts. I used to pay about £1.50 per breast but now it's nearer £3 - and a pack of 8 is in the high teens - rather than sub £10...

Beef however is still £2 for 500g - the same price it has been for years and years. Have grain prices really gone up so much that chicken prices needed hiking over 50% in the shops... News articles seem to be suggesting a 15% rise in prices charged by producers - I guess the rest is mostly supermarket profiteering and a small hike in transport costs.

Anyway at those prices it's now up there in the league of "special treat" food like fish. I'll be sticking to beef, sausages and maybe turkey for the foreseeable future.

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DeathOwl said...

Of course now there is another birdflu outbreak the prices are going to go higher still.. yay!