Monday, September 17, 2007


Been trying to shake this cold off I've had since Thursday afternoon. Apparently this is the worst time for colds etc due to the kids going back to school. This one started with a sore throat that came on after playing badminton with a colleague Thursday lunchtime. (Who says exercise is good for you.) Friday morning I was a mess - and decided to take the day off sick. Saturday I was still feeling crap until early evening.

Of course I now appear to have transmitted it to the missus who has had a sore throat as of last night and just MSN'd me from work to say she now feels completely terrible.

Managed to refresh the grout on the bathroom window and sort out the balcony garden at the weekend though, so at least marginally productive. Spent the remainder of the spare time doing ODP stuff. This resulted in M describing herself as a "Dmoz widow" - she doesn't seem to understand that not everyone wants to watch a string of tedious property development themed TV programmes back to back.

Sunday we headed to Cambridge for a Sunday roast in a pub with some friends. The pub had just re-opened and had those square plates that Gordon Ramsey gets himself worked up about!
However the food was pretty good - nice roast potatoes and gravy, not so nice mash (it was that powdered crap I despise that altogether too many pubs seem to use these days instead of bothering to mash up spuds properly themselves). The sticky toffee pudding was nice too. (Would've been even nicer still if they hadn't felt the need to stick mouldy grapes in it.... didn't they realise I was in the Ban raisins from everything Facebook group). Pub lunch was followed by an unproductive shopping trip. We spent about 30 minutes in a cookware shop where M unsuccessfully tried to get me to buy a frigging egg slicer. Which has to be one of the all time most pointless things you could ever buy. Considering the frequency with which we actually need to slice eggs (I'm estimating about once every 2 years) I'm sure a knife will suffice. We then went to Waterstones where I unsuccessfully tried to get them to discount Metal Swarm from the RRP of £12.99. (It's a new release and is £7.99 inc delivery from they could at least have offered it to me at some kind of discount in store to try and encourage a purchase. Tsk!)

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