Friday, July 14, 2006

Israeli attacks on Lebanon

Anyone who knows me will probably know that I have a fairly moderate view on the Israel v Palestine situation. I reckon Israel should give up the bits of the West Bank to Palestine, agree some kind of sharing solution for Jerusalem, and then get on with life.

I confess I was shocked at the reaction to the kidnap of one soldier (bombing Gaza)

And now they've attacked Lebanon because Hizbullah kidnapped a couple more. Err sorry - but isn't bombing civilians in a sovereign nation because a terrorist organisation that happens to be based there kidnapped two of your soldiers a massively disproportionate response.

Kidnap 2 soldiers VS Murder 50 civilians - Earth calling Planet Israeli government - come in please - have aliens taken control of your minds?

I guess a close analogy would be like Britain bombing Ireland as a result of a some British troops being kidnapped by the IRA?
Would that have been acceptable to anyone (including the US) - you can bet your ass it wouldn't.

It is high time that the UN Security Council pulled their fingers out of their collective arses and actually told Israel flat that this stops now.


San de Berg said...

Israel is justifying the attacks not as an act of war against Lebanon, but as an aspect of the War on Terror, while neatly side-stepping the fact that their doing this on someone elses sovereign territory.

Even Dubya has stated that while "Israel has the right to defend herself", but "whatever Israel does should not weaken the government in Lebanon. We have been working very hard through the UN and partners to strengthen democracy in Lebanon."

As usual the rest of the world will frown seriously at Israel, before smacking her on the wrists and wiggling a stern finger at them. As ever there will be no talks of halting military supplies or other sanctions.

The constant worry, of course, is that Lebanon's neighbours get miffed and decide to join the ruck which would see the conflict escalate geographically very quickly.

DeathOwl said...

It is an act of war against Lebanon though, they are hitting civilians - that is war. The war on terror is nonsense. It isn't a war at all, it should be about tracking down and imprisoning criminals (ie terrorists) not random attacks on countries that just so happen to have some terrorists in them.

Basically Israel have declared war on Lebanon, and therefore deserve to be subjected to sanctions by the UN until they have (1) Ceased their indiscriminate attacks AND (2) Made reparations to the Lebanese for their atrocious behaviour.

I have long defended Israel to many people, but they've got to the point where their behaviour is basically just as bad as one of the so-called evil regimes.. It's time the Israeli people actually engaged their brains and elected some more centrist leaders rather than ultra right wing nutters.