Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thai food - nice!

Met up with one of Mand's friends last night after work and her fiancé. They were both really friendly and the restaurant we went to was very pleasant. (Patara, Maddox St) Moderately pricey but the food was very good. I had a venison dish for my main, and a beef fillet soup to start. We also shared a delicious side of asparagus on the table.


I visited Bristol for the first time in my life this week. I have been thinking about major cities in the UK I haven't visited and this was the biggest remaining. The only other 2 major cities I have never been to now are Belfast and Cardiff. Unfortunately it was quite foggy and very cold - so we didn't have much chance to browse around searching for a restaurant. We went for Bella Italia in the end, yup it is Pizzaland with a slightly more upmarket rebranding, but the food was okay (even though they'd sold out of a lot of stuff!) Bristol has quite a big waterfront bar section (which was directly behind the Jurys chain hotel we were staying in, that looked like it would be lively on the weekend. I'll definitely have to visit the place again to actually get a feel for it as it really was a flying trip, but there seemed to be some nice architecture dotted around that would be worth a second look.

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San de Berg said...

Bella Pasta - We don't just do bad pasta, we do bad pizza and bad service too!

At least that was my impression from a sample size of two, over five years ago.