Monday, November 14, 2005


Sunday morning.. What shall we have for breakfast? Nom wants to go for Dim Sun. I have a minging cold and can't be bothered to argue. So Nom, me, Briggs and Ian head to Imperial China - a restaurant we'd previously visited - and left with a favourable impression.

However this time we made a mistake. We ordered chicken claws from the menu. I don't know whether we misread it as crab claws - or just assumed it related to the shape. Alas no - it was exactly what it sounded like. A load of chicken's feet - on a plate.

Unsurprisingly it wasn't exactly a culinary delight.

Was this specially prepared by a chef?

Well web research leads me to believe not since:
Chicken Claws in Chilli & Black Bean Sauce (on menu)

And.... TADA! A tin of the same.

A London restaurant review is more positive describing the Thai spicy chicken claws (which is what we ordered I think) as "startlingly cold".

To be fair to Imperial China the food there is pretty good, especially for China Town in London. But I wouldn't recommend the "startlingly minging" chicken claws!

I would however highly recommend the baked sesame caskes with glutinous rice inside and the Chicken Curry Pie (a little pastry case containing chicken curry).

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