Monday, September 26, 2005

Search for the elusive Blewit...

Well Arran insisted he could find us some 'blewies' (Blewit) mushrooms on a trek around Blidworth woods. My brother was somewhat skeptical having previously been on a fruitless mushroom hunt with Arran and his father looking for the very same.

Well we did find a lot of different mushrooms as my flickr album's new 'fungi' set shows.. Though being a hopeless 'shroomer - the only one I have definitely nailed down to a specific species so far is the birch polypore. If you know better about any - feel free to ID them in the comments against the photos.

One presumes Arran was referring to Lepista nuda (Wood Blewit) a fairly common edible shroom in Britain.

Now we didn't find any - although to be honest this one and this one that we found look similar to some photos of lepista nuda on the web. Unfortunately coz the darn things look different at each stage of development and tend not to be the same exact colour - I guess mushrooms are hard to ID.


San de Berg said...

I did wonder why you had all those pictures of 'shrooms in your blog, considering your avowed hatred of all fungus.

Moochy said...

Hiya. I found your blog through technorati, searching "flickr fungi". being into flickr and fungi myself, perhaps you might be interested in visiting my blog.
I go out and find fungi whenever i can and i put all my pics on a flickr set here.
Happy shrooming!