Friday, August 19, 2005

It's 9:44am - and I still quite fancy a kebab, and have a smirk on my face. Considering both of these conditions together - I can only conclude that (a) I am still drunk (b) the hangover will appear later.


Wreckferret said...


Filthy, filthy kebab.
Pigeon in a Pitta!

I didn't think They'd serve kebabs in an area such as White City.

And certainly not before 11pm. =D

San de Berg said...

Fancying a kebab on Friday morning? Eurgh! You are definetly still pissed! What did you do last night?

There's only one thing for it you know... Pub lunch!

DeathOwl said...

Pub lunch is actually looking on the cards thankfully. Could use some proper stodge to soak up the alcohol.