Thursday, August 25, 2005

aaa look well suave in me burberry in me burberry

Yes citizens I r now officially a chav. Me movva an favva az brought me back a burberry tshirt from der hols innit.

An keepin tone down l0ik.. that bint from brekkie news from chizzik wer i is livvin az got her sel 'itched.. Only £15k though - fair play dat is for a celeb.

Actually that's enough - I really cannot be bothered to continue typing in chav speak. To be fair the t-shirt is actually quite nice - it doesn't have any of that awful burberry check on it anywhere - which is a major bonus.

And apparently the slimming trend is reverting over the pond... the yanks are becoming fatter again..

According to projections, 73% of US adults could be overweight or obese by 2008,
Trust for America's Health warned.

Now of course I ain't one to criticise - I have a BMI of 26 according to online thingabobs.. and overweight starts at 25. I need to lose about 8lbs to get back being normal weight apparently. I could no doubt resolve this entirely just by eating less crap.. hmm we'll see.


San de Berg said...

Ah, you may now be a chav, but at least you're not a Neet!

As for losing 8lbs, that intention isn't really going to go very far in the short term, is it, considering the plans for this weekend!

Shame you don't have a bike, or you could join me on the odd mountain biking weekend, when I get my new set of wheels...

Wreckferret said...

You fat b*stard, you fat b*stard!

Well, you're not actually.

Depends which scale you view.
Yes, the Beeb one & the NHS one says over 25 is "Overweight" but at the Weight Loss Institute, "Overweight" is from 27+.

Then again, the WLI is based in the USA so maybe they skew their BMIs so that less people are "Obese".

I mean, WLI say to be "Obese" you have to have a BMI of over 31. Beeb & NHSDirect say 30.

And it's only on "Obese" that They say "LOSE WEIGHT NOW FATTY!"

Me- I've only got a BMI of about 22.

DeathOwl said...

You scrawny wrecker - you need to eat more pie.

I do have a mountain bike.. It is however in my parents garage because i have nowhere to put it down here, and it also needs a new main crank because the old ovaltech one it came with got badly bent at some point moving it from Hull back to Nottm.

San de Berg said...

Heh, BMI of 22. Though it was 23 before my week in Holland and 21 directly afterwards.

A mountain bike in Arnold is not much use really. Though you'd probably be better off replacing the ovaltech crank anyway. Great in theory, awful in practise.