Thursday, September 09, 2004

I finally decided to buy an offensive aa ability for my evercrack monk last night, having been mucking around with mainly defensive stuff.

I got ambidexterity for 9 points, initial YALP parses seem to show that the proportion of total damage done by my offhand (ignoring crits) has gone from 33-34% ish to 37% ish - though the post ambi figure is subject to statistical error as the sample size isn't that big yet . Not massively impressive - and not easy to tell what the actually DPS impact of that is.

It does however open up Sinister Strikes should I wish to spend 15aa there for a further DPS increase. To be honest I'll probably go with Fero3 before that in case I get a good 2hb.

Current next stage aa plan is:

CA3 (already have CA2 - cost 6pts)
LR5 (15 pts total)
WU5 (already have WU4 - cost 2pts)
Fero3 (cost 9 points)
SS (cost 15 points)
PP5 (already have PP1 - cost 8 pts)

That uses 55 points worth which given my lazy arse playtime will take months. :-)

I'd like the idea of stonewall but I can't motivate myself to save up the 42 points I need to max it (I got the first level only.)
CS3/ID5 also interesting but not convinced its good enough to spend 27 points on either.

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