Friday, August 27, 2004

A BBC article about absurd abstract art reminded me of some old PC Zone cover disk movies done about a character called 'Culky'. In one of the movies Culky, paints a crap picture of his mum and then tries to sell it in a park in London.

Bizarrely a search for Culky's Mum (of which the abstract art was of) pulled up a page for the PC Zone employee responsible for Culky - which contained photographs of excerpts from the videos.


Ol' Culkus here, isn't it

The most memorable thing about the videos was the bizarre use of the words 'isn't it' at the end of sentences by Culky in a nonsensical manner - rather than in context.. (Note this was many many years before the recent swathe of Ali G followers did the same with 'innit')

The actor/author of the Culky stuff - David McCandless has a blog too:

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DeathOwl said...

Culky videos are available on as follows:

A Christmas Treat:

Life tips, Blokebird, Subscription song:

Culky visits EA: